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The game is over. Thank you for playing!

The Apes have escaped! The troupes united but dispersed all over Washington! Find a missing Ape and claim it! (one per household).<br> <br> This game is held on July 16-18, in conjunction with the WSGA Chapter Events: Celebrating the Project Ape 20th Anniversary: Mission 9: Tunnel of Light. The tags will publish at 10 am on July 17-18.<br> <br> The game is simple: go to a location where an Ape has been spotted. If you get there first, you will find an Ape geocoin waiting for you. <bR>Take it. <br>Follow the instructions on the sticker to claim it online. <br>On the confirmation page you will get instructions how to adopt the geocoin to your own geocaching account! Please claim the tag to get the adoption.<br> <br> Please do not grab more than one geocoin per household! <br> For more geocaching products visit:<br> <br> Stay alert - and set an alert - because a coin may appear at any time, anywhere. Join our Facebook Group for game updates and announcements and follow the game on Instagram and Twitter.<br> <br>